Mate: Niva Saffron-Wing

Dragonlets: four unknown hatchlings

Hoard: alchemist


Leontes is a buttery yellow male dragon with violet streaks and green eyes. He is shown to be as large as Niva but is patient, kind, and with a twinkle of good humor in his eyes. An odds with his mate's strict and practical nature.

Dragon FlightEdit

He was mentioned a few times during the book but never really made an appearance until the end when he brought his hatchlings with him to Citatian to keep them out of trouble.

Dragon SpearEdit

He is shown welcoming Creel and Luka and Hagen to Far Isles with his mate and children. He listens to Luka as he translates the words of a Citatian man after Velika was captured. He comes up with an alchemists disguises for Shardas, Feniul, and Amacarin and has Hagen help him make the paste. He makes a dye for Creel and Luka's hair and skin as a temporary disguised. He looks for Creel when she disappeares and helps her get out of the hole Darrym put her in and flew her back to Shardas and Luka.

He sends Shardas and Niva to make glass spears out of sand that they could use in battle to get Velika back. He knows that this is the first battle for the dragons to go against other dragons without them being controlled by other humans, and goes off to make medicine for the battle. Creel and Luka force him to stop working and eat some grilled fish, even though he grumbled about the interruption. He discussed the plan to disguise the rescue patrol as local dragons with Shardas before they set out at night with Niva, Luka, and Hagen. He explained the process of dragon eggs to Creek and her friends while Velika layer them, saying they couldn't move them until they hardened in two weeks. He flew up to tell the other dragons about the successful clutching and helps Niva block the exits after Darrym came back with food and water.

He is the one to inspect the dragonglass arrows, suspecting they were either drugged or poisoned. He is taken away by soldiers of The Elder One with Niva, Luka, and Hagen after Velika and Mannyl argue and is dumped into the jungle. He later helps reunite Peder with his mom and is packing up his alchemy supplies with Hagen when the volcano erupts and helps heal the dragons of their burns. He agreed to have Hagen as an alchemist apprentice and guards Velika and her eggs with his mate while Darrym challenges Shardas. He came and congratulated Creel and Luka at their wedding.


"I meant the dragons, actually. We can all speak in dragon tongue, but you cannot speak the language of these humans."

- Leontes to Hagen about disguises. Pg. 69 of Dragon Spear

"I'm afraid that I need scales from these brown and green dragons. In order to get the look right. We'll have to sneak down the mountain and get a few. At least three, and from different dragons. So that our spies don't all look precisely the same."

- Leontes needing supplies for disguises. Pg. 70 of Dragon Spear

"It's a paste. Niva is the darkest, and might appear the closest in color to the dragons we've seen, if she stays in the shadow of the trees. Feniul's green scales are rather.... bright."

- Leontes to Creek about who should go spy. Pg 70 of Dragon Spear

"This is too much to digest immediately. I must ponder his story as I scrape at the rock."

- Leontes to Creel about Darrym's story of why he stole Velika and why he needed her and her firstborn daughter. Pg. 116 of Dragon Spear

"She's right. I've seen where they're keeping Velika, and I have gotten a good count of the dragons that frequent that area. We can do this, Shardas."

- Leontes to Shardas about rescuing Velika. Pg. 118 of Dragon Spear

"We'll go tomorrow night, after Hagen has helped me to prepare some mixtures. And in the meantime, I need you and my dear mate to make us some long spears of glass."

- Leontes to Shardas. Pg. 118 of Dragon Spear

"Yes. And it will also be the first time that dragons have gone into battle against one another without coercion. Which is why I must make medicine now."

- Leontes to Creel and Luka about the battle. Pg. 119 of Dragon Spear

"Three months until they hatch. But they can moved before then. In two weeks or so. The eggs will not be hard when they come out. But in two weeks they will be like the thickest stoneware."

- Leontes about the process of the eggs. Pg. 125 of Dragon Spear

"It seems that you suffer from the brittle-egg sickness, as well as your other problems, then. I suspect that the gases from the volcano may be causing some of your difficulties."

- Leontes to Darrym when he doesn't believe Velika' s eggs will be as hard as stones are. Pg. 126 of Dragon Spear

"This is dragonglass. Not stone. It's no wonder it can go right through a scale. And it's either poisoned or drugged, I can't tell. Not a mixture I've seen before."

- Leontes when he inspects the arrow. Pg. 137 of Dragon Spear