Mate: Leontes

Dragonlets: four unknown hatchling

Hoard: tapestries


Niva is a masculine green female dragon with saffron yellow wings and golden eyes. She is said to be a plain-spoken, haughty, severe dragon. She is very practical and strict.

Dragon SlippersEdit

Niva is trying to be persuaded to be collared by Creel with a few tapestries so she may be immune to the pull of the slippers. She is untrustworthy of them at first, not wanting to be under Creel' s control of Amalia's, but at last She allows them to collar her, saying that She felt much better. She is the one to explain that Shardas The Gold was the dragon king and Velika Azure-Wing was his mate. She allowes Creel to ride her when they fly up to confront Shardas, who is being controlled by Amalia. She is forced to dodge as Shardas is forced to fire at them, warning that she would attack if she had to. She flies Creel and Luka to the palace so they can somehow get the slippers back, and flies away to do her own business in the King's Seat.

She is seen battling with the uncollared dragons in the sky with Feniul and Amacarin. She tries to plead with the uncollared dragons to be collared and freed from the power of the dragonskin slippers, but they wouldn't listen. She is seen mourning Shardas and Velika after they dive into the Boiling Sea, saying that the waters were too lethal, even for a dragon, for them to survive. She is with the other dragons for a full moon cycle, singing the mourning song for all the dragons who died in the battle. She wanted to move out the contents of Shardas's deceased alchemist friend, and Creel agreed.

Dragon FlightEdit

Niva is shown trying to be persuaded by Creel with Amacarin and Feniul to help the Citatian dragons. But Niva is convinced that the King of Citatians had a pair of dragonskin slippers and is using them to control the dragons. She is worried that they will fall under the power of the slippers again if they go near there and is refusing to be collared again if that was the case, as she stated that she didn't relish the feeling of being collared. She will try to find Creel to be collared if the King comes to get cave and tries to control her. As she is about to lift off to fly away, she stopped as Creel is pushed over by Feniul to stop her from telling them Shardas was still alive. She scolded him and is suspicious as they exchange guilty glanced and demands to know what they are hiding. She is told about Shardas and is lead to where he and Velika are staying. She greets her king and almost faints when Velika comes out of her cage for the first time and tells her that all four of her eggs his hatched and that they can fly. She is forced to move her family to their cave and go with Creel to Citatian on her orders.

In Citatian, Niva is captured by guards when Luis tried to go back and spy on the Citatians and is collared and taken to the hatching grounds. She does not recognize anything or anyone until she is uncollared. She then starts screaming, until Creel brings her back to her senses and they fly back to their secret hideout. She doesn't calm down until she speaks with her mate and is still skittish. She explains that when she was collared, She lost control of the use of her body, forced to fly and walk, eat, drinm, etc only on the command of her rider. Later, after Creel and Marta first go to the King of Citation disguised as Feravel trailers and first see Krashath, she is sent to tell Shardas everything in the speaking pool.

While Creel is being rescued by Ria, Niva goes back to the palace, saying that if she held her tail and talons a certain way, she would appear to look like a guy as she is very masculine for a female. She is seen making a flat place for Shardas to land as he is carried to safety by Feniul and Amarcarin. She is sent to uncollar more dragons with her two companion and lead them to the Mellelie strait and is made second-in-command for the mission. She flies into battle to try to uncollar the dragons before they can attack, and after the battle, is organizing a system to uncollar all the dragons. She and her mate reunite as he brings their children to Citatian to keep them out of trouble.

Dragon SpearEdit

She appears alongside her mate to welcome Creel, Luka, and Hagen. She is seen searching for Velika when the queen gets kidnapped with her mate and friends and listens as Luka translates the words of a Citatian man. She is later capturing a young dragon that they can up with the name Peder No-People. She interrogated him along with Shardas's help until they find out the info they needed and locked him up. She forced Leontes to eat as be tried to work on the glass spears and was chosen to go on the mission to rescue Velika. She helped soothe Velika as she gave birth to her eggs and helped block off all the exits in the cave that held Velika hostage and interrogated Darrym into saying who he told of them being there.

She flies Creel to warn the other dragons about the army preparing to battle the dragons. She convinces Feniul to go warn Amacarin when he refuses to leave Velika unguarded. But not in time as the soldiers guarding the cave debated on leaving or not, and they had to fight while Creel and Niva could only watch helplessly. She is horrified when they learn that the enemy was using glass arrow to pierce the dragons scales that might have poison. She debated that it would be unwise for Shardas to stop the battle as he might get hit with an arrow. She translated the conversation between Shardas and Velika and Mannyl to Creel, saying that Velika will rather crush her eggs than let them grow up in his territory. She is there when Mannyl says that they can't leave unless they give them the firstborn daughter of Velika and Shardas. She is taken away by soldiers of Mannyl with Leontes, Luka, and Hagen, but is taken far away and released before the run into Peder No-People' s mother, who demands to have her son given back to her. But she also threatened to tell Mannyl where they are for taking her son hostage, but Creel convinced her not to and convinced her to rebel against Mannyl with Niva looking on with approval. She was looking for Creel when the volcano erupted and she headed to the temple with Feniul. She helped carry the people to safety to the temple to survive the volcano and is forced to guard Velika and her eggs while Shardas goes and fight Darrym when he challenges Shardas. She is later told that Shardas won and Darrum is now dead. She also brings the Duke and Duchess of Mordrel, Creel' s Aunt Reena, Marta and Alle, and Miles for Creel and Luka' s wedding.


"Of course I do. But how do I know that being under your power will be any better?"

- Niva to Creel about being collared in Dragon Slippers. Pg. 263

"So Shardas is behind the collars, eh? Well, then. I'll take all three tapestries, and in return you can collar me. I'm starting to feel the pull of that whinging human brat again. Then take me to Shardas, I want to know his plans."

- Niva allowing Creel to collar her in Dragon Slippers. Pg. 264

"That feels marvelous! You should have just sent Feniul or Amacarin to tell me that Shardas had provided a way to fight the power of the slippers."

- Niva after Creel collars her in Dragon Slippers. Pg. 265

"Because Shardas the Gold is our king. Velika Azure-Wing was his mate. As our king it was his duty to dispose of those awful slippers."

- Niva to Creel in Dragon Slippers. Pg. 266

"It's very rude to mount a dragon without their permission. You may ask Feniul or Amacarin, if you like."

- Niva to the Duke of Mordrel after he tries to ride her with Creel. Pg. 268

"So it would seem. The poisons in the waters of the Boiling Sea are lethal even to dragons."

- Niva to Creel after Shardas and Velika dive into the sea. Chapter 27 of Dragon Slippers

"It is clear what has happened. The leader of the Citatians had a pair of dragonskin slippers and is using them to control the dragons. If we go there, we would call under their thrall again. Out of question."

- Niva to Creek about going to Citatie. Pg. 33 of Dragon Flight

"I did not particularly relish the sensation of being collared before, Creelisel. I plan on never repeating it."

- Niva on being collared again. Pg. 33 of Dragon Flight

"Perhaps. And when that happens, I will do my best to find you and accept a collar to fight the alchemy at work. But until then, good day."

- Niva leaving the meeting. Pg. 34 of Dragon Flight

"Creel, are you hurt? Feniul, what on earth were you trying to do? Just because we don't support human politics is no reason to be rude."

- Niva scolding Feniul after he pushes Creel to the ground to prevent her from telling about Shardas. Pg. 35 of Dragon Flight

"Yes, Azure-Wing. But my mate is occupied in guarding our hatchlings, far to the east."

- Niva to Velika when she mentions her mate. Pg. 41 of Dragon Flight

"Four. All the eggs hatched. Yes, Azure-Wing."

- Niva to Velika that her children can fly. Pg. 41 of Dragon Flight

"No. I just. . . . it was just so terrible."

- Niva after she was freed of the Citatian collar. Pg. 78 of Dragon Flight

"She had been left in the net for hours, with other dragons standing watch over her. Scales were torn from her shoulder and pasted onto a blank page in a huge book. An artist sketched a portrait on the page opposite the scales - a roster of the dragons belonging to the glorious army of Citatie. Once collared, it was as though she lost control of her body. She ate slept, walked, and flew only on the command of a man named Xeran, who was assigned her "protector"....... She was forced to submit to an examination to determine if she was healthy, and then she was "put through her paces" forced to fly, flame, and lift a series of boulders to determine her speed and strength."

- The description of Niva's capture. Pg. 80 of Dragon Flight

"In my head I was screaming. But no one could hear me."

- Niva on her experience in being controlled. Pg. 80 of Dragon Flight

"Absolutely not. Leave the poor thing alone with her clutch! And you: get over here and comfort her. Now."

- Niva to Shardas as Velika lays her eggs. Pg. 125 of Dragon Spear

"Poisoned? We have to bring an end to this!"

- Niva about the battle after Leontes found a dragonglass arrow. Pg. 137 of Dragon Spear

"She will crush her eggs rather than let them hatch in this place if he doesn't comply."

- Niva translation for Creel the argument between Velika and Mannyl. Pg. 143 of Dragon Spear

"You have no right to keep the queen in a dungeon!"

- Niva when Peder and Darrym's mother accused Velika of not being the real queen. Pg. 164 of Dragon Spear

"Is that true, or is it something you invented? For I have never heard of such a thing, and I have known the queen since I was hatched."

- Niva accusing Darrym and Peder's mom of the penalty for humans. Pg. 167 of Dragon Spear

"Dragons do not own humans, not in any legend or law I have ever heard. Again I say: is this truly the ancient way, or something that you have invented?"

- Niva not believing Peder's mother again. Pg. 168 of Dragon Spear