Anaranria or Ria is a dragon originaly from Luriel. She was one of the dragons in the Citatian Army. She was uncollard by Tobin .


She is a bright red female dragon with golden eyes.


Her mate is Feniul . They have dragonlets of their own.

Dragon FlightEdit

Ria first makes and appearance when Creel tried to find Niva with Tobin and Luka. When Creel tries to talk to her, she mindlessly riddled with the collar, since it prevented her from being able to control her own body. Creel angrily has Tobin cut the collar off and the spell is broken. She wakes up in a roaring rage. Creel begs her to cut off Niva's collar which she does before flying away to battle against a patrol of Citatian dragons.

She later is said to be freeing her fellow collared dragons days later. Ria appears once more to rescue Creel and Marta off the palace roof where Krashath left them there. They got back to their secret hide out and she meets Feniul for the first time.


"By the First Fires. Krashath will pay for this!"

- Ria when she is first freed from the collar. Dragon Flight

"Human maids, what are you doing here? This is not safe!"

- Ria when she first arrives to help Creel and Marta off the roof. Dragon Flight

"The wind is rising, you can't stay on that little ledge much longer. Jump off and I will catch you."

- Ria to Creel and Marta to get off the roof. Dragon Flight

"By the First Fires, of course I have! I've been ripping the collars off of any dragons I could reach."

- Ria about freeing dragons. Dragon Flight

"Oh, a monkey! I adore small mammals, don't you?"

- Ria to Feniul when they first meet and she spots Ruli swinging from his horns.

"Oh, dogs! I had a pair of shepherding dogs before I was collared. They helped with my clock immensely."

- Ria to Feniul about dogs. Dragon Flight

"My name is Anranria Flamewing. But you may call me Ria."

- Ria introducing herself to Feniul. Dragon Flight

"I've freed a few of my companions from the hatching grounds. They're in hiding now, most of them. We don't dare travel too far until the army has left Pelletie lest we be spotted by a patrol. I am sure i can persuad them to help fight Krashath, though."

- Ria on raising and army to fight Krashath. Dragon Flight

"Some of us were born in captivity. But I and many others remember when Krashath came. I am from the country of Luriel, far to the east of here. Krashath came to our land some ten years ago. He tried to persuade us to follow him: to overthrow our rightful king and any who supported him. He claimed to have been our late Queen Velika’s true mate. We refused and he fled. But months later, a few at a time, the dragons of Luriel began to disappear. Krashath ambushed us in our sleep, one at a time at first, and then more and more as he gathered slaves. How well I remember seeing torchlight gleaming on Krashath’s scales as I was netted and collared like a wild animal, trapped by friends and neighbours I had known since I was a hatchling. We went to other countries, trapping other dragons and being forced to mate and bear eggs in horrible conditions so that his army might grow. When there were too many of us to hide, he came here to Citatie, and made his deal with the vizier. Then our control was transferred to the Citatian soldiers, under his orders. They hid us in the desert until a few weeks ago. It was a nightmare made real."

- Ria's backstory. Dragon Flight

"The Golden King, alive! And coming to defeat his brother at last! This is a great day! We must tell those I have hidden at once. Surely all nine of them will join us now. If only our queen were alive, to give us strength as well!”

- When Feniul tells Ria about Shardas being alive. Dragon Flight