Riss is the daughter of Gala from an earlier clutch. She is seen on the island when Creel arrives.


Mother: Gala

Father: unknown

Siblings: unknown hatchlings

Description Edit

Riss is a young female almost grown hatchling with an unknown description (I think she is a golden brown color)

Dragon SpearEdit

She is the daughter of Gala from a earlier clutch. She is first seen when Creel comes to the Far Isles with Luka and her brother Hagen. She roastes some fruit and comments on how weird Darrym was because he didn't have a hoard and how all dragons, even young hatchling, have hoards. Then Amacarin calls for her to go to bed.

She is later ordered by Creel to fetch Shardas and Velika food and to leave them in peace after they get Velika and her eggs back home.


"No, he's just strange. He doesn't have a hoard."

- Riss to Creel and Luka after Darrym left. Pg. 30

"We have SOME things. But he doesn't want anything."

- Riss to Luka about the dragons' hoards. Pg. 31


- Riss before she left to go to bed. Pg. 31