Mate: unknown

Dragonlets: unknown

Friend: Peder No-People

Hoard: a gardener


Roginet is a large male orange dragon. He has a Roulaini accent and is in charge of the orchards and gardens on the Far Isles as he has a passion for growing things. He is kind and gentle with a deep pride for what he does.

Dragon SpearEdit

He is seen coming from his orchard when Shardas leads Creel, Luka, and Hagen on a tour of the island. He is indignant when Hagen thought he was a kind of fertilizer but easily forgives him. He then worries if the dragon waste he has been using was too heavy for the trees. This makes Shardas stop running his claws in the dirt and draws back from the mounds. Hagen advised him to use something lighter like turkey droppings instead, as he had grown up on a farm. Roginet replies that there were no turkeys on the island. He leads Hagen away to try some new wild fruit which Hagen brings to Creel to try, saying he had never tasted anything like it.

He is later seen getting along great with Peder as his friends hold a meeting with Peder's mom to reunite him with her. They chat all during the meeting, and Peder reluctantly goes back with his mother, telling Roginet sadly that he had to go. Roginet is quite fond with him but thinks his mother is strange. Later Peder stands up against his mother, saying that he would follow Roginet wherever he should lead, causing his mother to fly off in a temper with her supporters.

Roginet may teach Peder to be another gardener on the island.


"I am not a fertilizer. I am, however, a gardener."

- Roginet appearing for the first time by Shardas' s call. Pg. 44 of Dragon Spear

"It 's been some years since I was able to plant on such a large scale, 'owever. And i used to plant only ze cherry trees."

- Roginet explaining his fascination with plants. Pg. 45 of Dragon Spear

"Ah, yes! I 'ave seen you both from afar."

- Roginet to Creel, and Luka, and Hagen after Shardas introduced them. Pg. 45 of Dragon Spear

"Ah, me! I had forgotten as staking. Thank you."

- Roginet to Hagen on his advice to stake the trees to make them grow straighter. Pg. 45 of Dragon Spear

"Ah, ze mulching! I 'ave been using our own waste, but do you zink it is too 'eavy?"

- Roginet to Hagen when Shardas mentions mulch. Pg. 45 of Dragon Spear

"Do you zink zat our mulch is too strong?"

- Roginet worrying about his planting. Pg. 46 of Dragon Spear

"We 'ave not the turkeys here. But there are many other birds."

- Roginet to Hagen about his suggestion to using turkey droppings. Pg. 46 of Dragon Spear

"As a point of fact, I noticed that little Peder No-People looked in fine spirits. He had been whispering back and forth amiably with Roginet this entire time, and he appeared to have gained weight during his captivity."

- Creel's point of view of Roginet and Peder. Pg. 165 of Dragon Spear

"A nice young fellow. Ze mother seems a bit odd, zough."

- Roginet opinion of Peder and his mom. Pg. 166 of Dragon Spear

"It was a great surprise to Darrym's mother, but not to anyone else, when her younger son refused to go with her. He had taken a stand beside Roginet and announced his intention to follow the large, orange dragon wherever Roginet should lead."

- Creel's point of view to Peder's defiance. Pg. 169 of Dragon Spear